10 Signs He’s A Waste Of Your Time

Originally published on FAF Magazine

I’ve had my fair share of experiences with guys who were simply a waste of my time. Some of the cases were a bit more extreme than others i.e. the guy aggressivly pursing a threesome with my best friend. If any of these sound familiar its time to move the hell on, cause girl you and more importantly your home girl deserve better than that, no matter how good the sex is. . .


1. He doesn’t have the balls to let you know he’s bailing.

It happens, better plans come up or you’re just not feeling the plans you have going on. But it is common decency to inform the person you have plans with that you’re not down and cancel. Rather than just disappearing, or not responding to your phone. These guys are stuck in high school mode.

2. He has an excuse for everything.

Excuses here, excuses there, excuses everywhere! Ain’t nobody got time for that! An excuse for bailing or misconduct occasionally is totally understandable but constantly having an excuse for just about everything? Even the silliest of things is just disrespectful. You’re not going to kiss me because you ate chili cheese fries? Cool story bro.

3. He talks purely about himself. 

Beware these guys can be especially dangerous to a woman’s self-esteem. He’s consumed by him, himself, and his ego. We get it bruh…you’re a doctor, big freakin deal!

4. He dismantles your beliefs or ideas. 

It seems like you’re arguing for the sake of arguing. This guy is out of pocket, out of line he doesn’t understand that there is clear line between disagreement and being rude.

5. He’s glued to his phone. 

I beg your pardon sir, but have you met reality its this parallel universe we live in outside of social media. Oh and if he as an app that notifies him that someone unfollowed him, walk the fuck away.

6. He hits you up when it’s convenient for him. 

Oh how opportunist is it for you to contact me at 3am when you’re drunk and alone. Well you can take your booty call and shove it where the sun don’t shine cause baby girl don’t play that!

7. He’s borderline bi-polar 

One minute he’s all over your nuts, then he’s MIA the next minute. He must have lost his damn mind thinking you’re going to put up with his indecisiveness. Don’t try to play psychiatrist and ‘figure him out’ because at the end of the day your results will ultimately indicate that he is just playing games.

8. He won’t stop talking about his ex

Or any chick for that matter. That is the fattest red flag any guy can give you. He’s indirectly begging you to notice that his mind and heart is preoccupied by someone else, even if she may not reciprocate his feelings. He’s sprung off of her and you are merely a distraction to keep him busy until she comes around.

9. You can’t remember the last time you guys hung out sober. 

If he’s needs a buzz to have a conversation with you it’s time to let that fool go. Being ‘drunk in love’ can be awesome but not if he can’t remember where you grew up, what you majored in, or your name. Don’t let him getting wasted, waste your time or even worse your kuch’s time.

10. He’s a straight up loser

You’re how old and you don’t know what you want to do with your life? He has some job that barely gets him by, actually you’re not even sure he has a job. He has you picking him up, dropping him off, paying for his meals, he basically made you into his sugar mama. No man’s dick should be bigger than your pride. #truestory



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