10 Things Arabs Say to You After You Break Off Your Engagement

Originally published on Scoop Empire July 7, 2016

So I got engaged, and then broke it off! While the process of getting engaged, planning a wedding, and calling it off was not fun to say the least, the wrath of my grandmother, aunts, and anyone not entitled to an opinion was the icing on the cake. Breaking off a relationship is not fun, but necessary for your and future ex-partner’s happiness.

Here are 10 things to expect to hear when you break off your engagement.

You made a huge mistake 

Enti magnoona walla eh?




You’re too picky



Mesh hatla2i a7san meno 



Enti damarti 7ayatek 



Ma fe 7ada ra7 yetala3 fe bint taraket khateebha



El nas ra7 yefakaro fe eshi ghalet feki 



Ra7 et3ansee


Omrak ra7 etkhalifi 



Ra7 to3ody fe 5el2etna tool hayatek 




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