15 Things Muslims in the West Encounter During Ramadan

Originally published on Scoop Empire July 3, 2014


For all the Muslims who don’t live in the Middle East, fasting and partaking in the Holy Month usually confuses plenty people.

Here are 15 things Muslims just can’t shake off when fasting abroad:


1. “You don’t eat for a whole month?! Not even water…what about gum?”


This is the month when the thirst is REAL.


2. Everyone around you is shoving food in their face and it doesn’t phase you

blank stare

3. You only realize all of the exciting daytime events only occur during Ramadan

Why Me

4. “Damn that must be hard! I’d never be able to do it!”

Well, it’s not what I would call a piece of cake (pun intended)


5. This is the only time people are suddenly persistent on offering you food



6. You keep your distance from others because, ew… Ramadan breath



7. Deciding what to eat for iftar (In-N-Out and burritos)

thelordistestingmeThe possibilities are endless


8. For females, explaining why you’re not fasting


9. Your parents ask you to cancel plans for Ramadan azayum which somehow become mandatory


10. No souhur drum guy, just an alarm clock


11. The word ‘dates’ take on a whole new meaning



12. You adopt the Ramadan schedule, which involves late nights



13. Giving a week advance notice that you’ll be taking off for the holiday but you’re not sure what day


We’re waiting on the moon to tell us


14. Explaining yourself when eating dinner with friends



Can’t stop won’t stop!

15. You have a new found appreciation for lunchtime


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