21 Girls On The First Time They Got Head

Originally published on FAF Magazine

After The Weeknd came onto the remix of ‘Or Nah’ getting head from him made it to the top of every woman’s bucket list, or maybe just mine.  We always hear about the male population and their infatuation with blowjobs, but what about all the girls out there.  Here are 21 girls on getting head for the first time. The answers are not only hilarious, but shockingly true.

1.“My eyes rolled back.” –Khadijah

2. “This is why guys beg for it so much!!!” –Jessica

3. “It was like watching the ending of a Disney movie for the first time. Magical.” – Vanessa

4. “I’ll never forget that day…it was a Tuesday and the Giants beat the Dodgers 3-2 in the 12th inning. HOME RUN!” -Roxy

5. “I was barely 18 when I met up with an acquaintance in London. in. We started making out and ended up on the bed. He slowly started making a trail downtown. I was pretty much freaking out on the inside but tried to play cool. Once he started the sensation was pretty fantastic obviously. My brows furrow under such circumstances, which he mistook for discomfort but I assured him it’s from pleasure and begged him to continue. It finished off pretty damn well, sheet clenching and all. It was a little awkward after because he was expecting sex but that didn’t happen.” –Robyn


6. “The second a boy enjoys eating out your asshole more than you do, it’s time to put on your clothes and leave.” –Angela

7. “I went to a birthday party of the only lesbian I knew in high school, and in the back of my mind, I was preparing to have my first lesbian experience. Within the first 10 minutes or so we got on the subject of girls and girl sex. “You want me to show you?” She asked, sensing my curiosity. The bed was made, the lights were dull, the sheets were red and she pushed me down. I felt a wet tongue and this foreign experience ensued. Honestly, the only thing I can remember is the taste of wine in my mouth and an odd, wet sensation between my thighs. I knew I liked it, it felt like this was what I had been waiting for after all those years of solo masturbation.” -Sadie

8. “First time I got head I was disgusted but it felt SOOO good I couldn’t resist! It felt like pleasure from the devil.” –Samantha

9. “My first boyfriend and I had just started to get serious. At that time, serious meant tongue kissing and booty grabbing (over the pants, of course). So you can imagine my surprise when he asked to you know what. “But I pee from there!?” His response was almost as funny as my reaction. “I pee from here too.” pointing at the bulge in his pants. “That’s not gonna happen either!” But of course, one thing led to another and my pants fell to the floor and suddenly it all made sense.” –Ruby

10. “I got lucky my first time, homeboy actually knew exactly what to do. It was like winning the lottery, the vagina lottery. Yup, I won the vagina lottery.” –Sarah

11. “Fireworks went off in the distance. It was like the 4th of July in my pants except there were no pants. He stepped back with a smirk on his face and asked how it was. Out of breath I managed to reply “Amazing.. Fucking fantastic! But I’m still not giving you head.” – Victoria

12. “When girls would tell me getting head was better than sex I was like clearly you’re fucking a man with a small penis. Then it happened. FUUUUCK.” –Jen

13. “I’m normally in control of my facial expression and sounds I make during sex, but there was no control. His neighbor left a note on the door complaining about the noise. All in all I’d say it was very enjoyable.” –Dina

14.  “I was a teenager when I got head the first time and it did not feel good. Before that it was dry humping and fingering so I thought this would be better than that. Granted the boyfriend I was with was confused about what the hell to do. He went down on me and I just pretended to like it. He just licked me like a lollipop (I enjoy sucking these days). He was down there for a while too. After he was done I pretended to pant saying “wow… I really… liked what you were doing down there.” Hah, no I didn’t. But don’t worry these days I’m feeling much more satisfied.” -Erica

15. “Bliss. Pure bliss.” –Amanda

16. “Hmm. I’d say it was like Christmas meets Kwanza meets Eid meets Rosh Hannah meets Election day meets Nowruz meets the Super Bowl all in the vicinity of my vaj.” -Nora

17. “Ever since it happened I legitimately have a problem, I’m addicted. I’ve actually started lying to guys about giving them some after just so I can get my fix. Sue me bitch!” –Jasmine

18. “I was a little confused my first time, like ‘why the fuck would anyone want to go down there?’ I was trying to suppress the joy because of the awkwardness but Then I let go. It was like Water World down there, very very very wet.” -Annabelle

19. “I love head as much as I love food, and Jesus. It’s literally the first thing I think of when I start talking to a guy: wonder if he’s any good with his tongue. If you don’t like to go down on women, well first off fuck you, yeah that’s it actually. To hell with any man who refuses to go down on a girl.” –Michelle

20. “I didn’t get head until 2 years after I started having sex (terrible I know). After that I refuse to be with anyone who doesn’t want to give head. Like wtf is wrong with you. Men and women who don’t like to give head are the biggest problem of society.” -Emma

21. “I was fooling around with my new guy when he told me not to move, and then slid beneath me, ‘ride his face’. I’ve never squirmed so much in my life. Now that my friends is what I call wifey.” –Lara



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