4 Reasons Guys Actually Propose

Originally published Scoop Empire November 1, 2014


At a certain point in a relationship most women begin to wonder about the future, prompting them to start predicting when this special guy is going to ask a special question. And while women have come up with their own ideas about how to coax a guy into popping the question, the reality may be far from what women might think.

As a matter of fact, your boyfriend might have already decided that you’re the one long ago but it’s just a matter of time. Here are four reasons guys say they put a ring on it:

1. The most popular and logical reason is because a woman was just being herself – yeah, not that complicated.


Guys might witness their girl do something so amazing, compassionate or heartwarming that he no longer needs to wonder if she’s the one. From showing love to his siblings or assistance to a person in need, these acts of tenderness can be the stamp of genuineness to seal the deal.


2. He’s set in his life – sounds super selfish, but it’s actually quite the opposite.


When a man takes on the role as a husband, he’s also taking on responsibility of care and protection. How can he possibly care for you if he’s not stable in his career or financially? It’s highly likely that he has been ready to make you wifey, but has yet to achieve his goal in providing you a comfortable life.


3. It’s baby time.


The second least popular reason to get married, but it still happens. We hear it from our older relatives, “You’re not getting any younger… Your biological clock is ticking… YALLAH I WANT TO BE A TETA!” Well, sometimes, that may inspire a guy to actually settle down.


4. The least popular and least successful reason guys propose to women is because they are given an ultimatum.


“It’s now or never, babe, if you’re not going to marry someone, I’ll find someone else who will.” Sounds bold, right? Just don’t be surprised when you don’t get the answer you want.



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