Groopie Is The New Social App That Could Replace Vine And Instagram

Originally published on FAF Magazine

Great news: you don’t have to make a sex tape to get your own reality show, all thanks to a new app called Groopie! Imagine Instagram video meets Vine only a million times cooler.

Groopie is the latest app to hit smart phones that allows you to create TV shows with your friends. It’s literally your own reality show; you can name your shows, characters, and episodes.

The Groopie App is super simple to use – you can shoot videos up 5 minutes max., invite friends to be a part of your show, edit, and share.  Some of the cool features include flipping from front to back camera, dual recording, adding captions, subtitles and emojis. One of the best parts is you don’t have to stop your shenanigans to make an episode; you can edit and post videos later.

Here is one of our favorites so far.

You can also invite friends to shoot footage at the same time from different locations, then edit and combine the two videos and audios with the easy editing tools. Check out their promo video below.

Move over Kardashians, Groopie is busting out with real personalities.


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