I’m Having a Quarter Life Crisis and It’s Perfectly Fine

Originally published on Scoop Empire July 8, 2016

(Irene Dávila/Unsplash)

(Irene Dávila/Unsplash)


“When I was your age I was married, had a great job I loved, and I just had you,” my mother likes to remind me as my 25th birthday approaches. It’s coming, that special number, the age that signifies that I haven’t made it half way through life but that I’m kinda on my way. It’s exciting to be a year older, but it’s also extremely scary; who wants to get older? But it’s more about getting wiser and more experienced.


You’re no longer a confused hormone enraged teenager, and you’ve passed the stupidity of your wild dramatic college days. You’re at this point in your life where you’re fun, but your fun has been refined to include binge-watching TV…


Quarter life crisis is still in full swing, naturally you would question your past life choices, freak out about your future, and begin sulking over your current situation. You begin wondering if you are where you are because you fucked up so bad in your younger years. But maybe you’re where you planned to be all along, you’ve succeed but now you’re dissatisfied. So you begin wondering why haven’t you moved forward, why aren’t you chasing the next big thing. It’s this quarter life crisis that is scary but absolutely necessary for growth, but only if you can come out of it with a better understanding. Knowing who you were before, what you did to become who you are now, and most importantly who you want to be in future. And we know from getting where we are now that more than half of it is the struggle of getting where we want to be.


We’ve taken a sh*t ton of detours, pit stops, and hit some major road bumps in this journey called life. As Arabs we begin contemplating a lot more at 25; are we really happy with where we are? Married, with kids but is that really where we should be? Is there something more out there?


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