Start Up Band Rocks Cairo with the Latest Indie Arab Music

The most intense form of battle of the bands came to Egypt in the form of STARTUP BAND. From the minds of FEESHEH, the first online music warehouse in the Middle East, comes another innovative project digging into the music scene across the MENA reigion. The concept behind Startup Band is essentially an accelerator for musicians to get a band up and running.


Working with the foundation of innovation, the objective of Startup Band is to harbor musical talent in the Middle East by challenging creatives to meet with complete strangers and create a band, persona, and a song in 2 days. Kicking off in Amman, Startup Band was well received by the music scene which allowed the startup to make it’s way to Cairo for RiseUp Egypt.

After the 48 hours the last 6 bands performed for their judges, the audience who casted their vote on Twitter. Coming in third place was SodfaKheut Sayeb taking second, and taking home the (halal) bacon was NaJazz. The top three beat out the equally talented Fantazia, 3ozla, and Rock by Island in front of the jam packed Cairo Jazz Club.


With enthusiastic sponsors, NaJazz won an amazing head start to put their band on the scene with prizes including logo designs and mentor-ship from indie Arab rock bands.

Originally published on Scoop Empire December 21, 2015


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