10-Year-Old Palestinian Journalist Puts Today’s Reporters to Shame



Most 10-year-olds watching news coverage of war and violence probably won’t have a comprehensive understanding of the unrest and its ultimate consequences let alone the political strife occurring across the world. But Janna Jihad is not like most 10-year-olds: the Palestinian native from Nabi Saleh has been reporting the news happening within her reach for three years.



(Photo Credit: Janna Jihad)

From demonstrations to arrests by the IDF to violent outbreaks, Jihad is there with her camera to record and report the events that take part in daily life under occupation. One of the youngest journalists in the world, Jihad feels a sense of responsibility to report to the world. Part of her inspiration to pursue journalism at such a young age came from her uncle Bilal Tamimi, a photojournalist who also focuses on Israeli violence in the region.


Death has also been an unfortunate reason that lead this young girl to begin news reporting; her cousin Mustafa and her uncle Rashide, who lost their lives to Israeli violence, pushed Jihad to pull out her camera and record her surroundings.


(Photo Credit: Janna Jihad)

(Photo Credit: Janna Jihad)

Jihad hopes to one day report for CNN or Fox News because she believes, “they do not talk about Palestine, and I want to make reports on Palestine.” This young journalist has inspired us as writers to continue to search for the truth in our news around the world no matter how old we are or how limited we are by our environment.

WE SAID THIS: You can follow Janna’s news coverage on her Facebook


Originally published on Scoop Empire May 20, 2016


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