13 Excuses Arab American Girls Give For Not Being Married

Arab American women are pretty awesome *high five* but issues arise when the subject of marriage comes up, which it always does cause we are A-R-A-B. Here are x excuses many Arab American girls have give at one point or another as to why they’re not married.


1. Mama, it’s not my fault Arab dudes these days are into white chicks

white people



2. These fools want to marry a chick whose never spoken to a man in her life and lives in the kitchen

side eye



3. All the good Arab guys are taken or…



4. Auntie Randa keeps setting me up with weirdos. Where does she even find them??

lord is testing me



5. Because I was told to keep my relations with the opposite sex to a minimum… now y’all except me to pick a husband from the magical husband tree

major side eye



6. Baba, he doesn’t speak a lick of English, how did this fool even get his citizenship?! He married some hebla didn’t he?

bye felicia



7. No, Teta…. ummm cause he’s my cousin. Yes, there’s something wrong with that…. there’s something deeply wrong with that

ew wht


8. Why so I can be the ma7al trap queen? I didn’t suffer through college for this sh*t

hell naw



9. Because certain people won’t accept my (insert different religion) boyfriend




10. Apparently, I ain’t halal enough or some sh*t



11. Because some *ahem* people got commitment issues




12. I ain’t tryna deal with no baby mamas




13. How ’bout cause I don’t want to


Originally published on Scoop Empire January 15, 2016


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