13 Signs He’s an Arab F*ck Boy

As an iconic girl 90’s group once said, ‘A scrub is a guy that think he’s fine and is also known as a buster; always talkin’ about what he wants and just sits on his broke ass.’ Today the scrub has earned a more candidly descriptive name: f*ck boy. While we discussed how we feel about said boys’ we decided to give you a heads up to know when you’re dealing with one. Here are the xx red flags that you have an Arab f*ck boy in your presence.


1. Only time you guys hang out is at home

dick away

Because he’s probably too cheap or stupid to actually take you out.


2. Alcohol and drugs are usually always involved


And whisky dick always follows.


3. He’ll probably never invite you to hang out in public 


Because the public would be confused as to why you downgraded so low caliber, but hey, we all make mistakes.


4. He’s all talk 

boring as hell

And no action…or orgasm.


5. He will insist he really means well


Ahhh, don’t they all?


6. He will at one point or another refer to you as crazy or a drama queen 



7. He’s an easy come, easy go type of guy

easy come

He will not hesitate to hop on anything that moves.


8. Your friends think he’s a dick 

judging you

With an insufficient *ahem*


9. He appears to have no idea what he wants

wrap it up

And no idea how to find your spot.


10. He’ll reiterate how special/different you are than other girls



11. He avoids sharing as much personal information

emotional problem 

That’s cause he has as much depth to him as a Kardashian.


12. Only time he hits you up is late at night

booty call


13. He has no regard for how you feel 


He can’t pick up on your emotions because if he did you would’ve actually felt something.

Originally published on Scoop Empire April 30, 2016


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