14 Reasons We Swiped Left on Arab Tinder

After living in the Middle East, I’ve gone through every eligible bachelors within a 50 mile radius via Tinder. The results so far have been mixed but entertaining to say the least. As a Tinder expert, my guy friends have reached out to me as to why girls swipe left on guys. For the clueless out there here are the 11 reasons girls reject you on Arab Tinder.


tinder 2

1. You have one picture


What are we supposed to do with that y3ni?

2. You’re mutual friends with my boss

girl bye



3. You’re wearing sunglasses in all your pictures

side eye2

Is it me or do sunglasses make a 4 look like an 8?


4. You don’t look your age


We didn’t sign up for a guess game child or should we say grandpa?


5. Your bio is pretty much ‘ma tegi negi?’


That’s cool that you up front, we appreciate it but we also ain’t got no time for that.


6. You have the same name as my dad/brother

die alone

Nope, I do not wanna meet up with a Marwan. Go away.


7. You’re employed by ‘self employed’


Yeah, I’m not a sugar mama. Sorry, not sorry.


8. You look like a straight douche bag


Begad, eh el araf dah?


9. It appears that you have no friends


*looks up signs of a serial killer*


10. You have pictures with your wife

walk the fuck away

What. da. phuk.


11. Your pictures make no sense


Holding a cigarette and looking away from the camera, pretending to be on the phone posing next to a car that is clearly not yours.


12. You look like you’re on an all steroids diet

side eye

Do you even have a normal size penis anymore, bro?


13. You don’t where to place punctuation in a sentence


What , are you trying . to say ??


14. You have a bunch of pictures with random chicks


Who are evidently foreign girls that naively agreed to be in your picture.


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