15 States Where Arab Americans Hate Living

Many Arabs live in the United States of ‘Murica but most of them prefer to live in larger states and tend to reside in major metropolitan cities. We checked out the 2010 U.S. Census to see where the Arab population is spread across the nation. While the census can be inaccurate because most Arabs aren’t into self-reporting their identity (we wonder why) it’s still somewhat of an indication for Arabs who do self-report.

We mentioned the top 15 states where Arabs live before, but now we give you the least popular among Arabs in America.


UTAH (5,852)


Ahh, the good old Mormon state. We would think that Arab Muslims would want to congregate with their fellow polygamist but we guess not so much?


IOWA (5,812)


As a grown adult and an American, I had to look at the map to figure out where Iowa is… I’m going to go ahead and say that’s probably why Iowa has a small number of Arab residents.




Nudged right in between Kentucky (fried chicken), Philly (cheesesteaks) and waaaaay too many Arabs in Ohio, you’ll find a small number of Arabs that like a balance between Arabs and food.


ARKANSAS (4,824)


Maybe Arabs are just not into living in the middle of bum f*ck nowhere? Also, just imagine how your uncle back in the motherland would pronounce Arkansas.


NEW MEXICO (4,544)


Maybe some Arabs got lost on their way to old Mexico and now they’re being stopped and ID’ed for looking “illegal”. We can’t really blame the Arab population for not wanting to live here.


MAINE (4,408)


Perhaps Maine is too close to Canada for Arabs? But who doesn’t love Canada? Helloooo, Mr. Prime Minister!


DELAWARE (3,000)


Delaware is the second smallest state in America, which means you will have no choice other than living close to hamatek… laaaaaaa2 mousta7eel.


VERMONT (2,583)


Since Arabs like to make their own syrup *pulls out rosewater and lemon* they didn’t really feel the need to live in the state of maple syrup galore?


IDAHO (2,539) 


Despite the fact that it’s bata state, most Arabs aren’t too keen on living in the place where they can have the freshest of potatoes for their kofta.




We came, we saw (Mount Rushmore), we’re over it. Sorry, South Dakota, Arabs need a bit more going on where they live than presidents faces carved in mountains.


MONTANA (1,771)


Since “big sky country” is a state with lots of nature and open space and absolutely nothing for miles, no one will hear you scream. Yeah, we think Arabs are gonna go for being safe than sorry.


HAWAII (1,661)


While this may come as shock to some that there’s a small number of Arabs in Hawaii, the population in Hawaii isn’t that large to begin with.


ALASKA (1,488)


We’re not sure why Arabs wouldn’t want to see Russia from their house but Alaska can tend to be cold and dark for a large part of the year, RIP to the desert life.




We couldn’t find anything wrong with living in North Dakota but we also couldn’t find a reason to actually want to live in North Dakota other than running away to Canada.




The state of Wyoming has less Arabs than your cousins wedding… how bizarre is that?! Maybe Arabs saw Brokeback Mountain and weren’t down for all the homophobia, hence the small population?

Originally published on Scoop Empire May 24, 2016


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