15 Times We Literally Couldn’t Even with DJ Khaled

In light of recent news of DJ Khaled’s album “Major Key” to come out soon we started to reflect upon our odd relationship with the rapper, we found that sometimes we just can’t with him. We have nothing but the deepest of love for our Palestinian brethren, oustaz Khaled but we found that some of his *ahem* moments are a bit too much for us. Here are 15 times we just couldn’t with DJ Khaled.


That time he got lost at sea on a jet ski in the middle of the night




Refusing to deal with his headache




Just being an overall dumbass




Unnecessarily reassuring women of their intellect

you smart


Did Beyonce know that DJ Khaled is on her tour?!

arab money


The #DJKhaledCurse even caused the Miami Heat to lose LeBron James

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 5.43.47 PM


Running through the world’s supply of cocoa butter



Giving up life on land and becoming a mermaid



Another one…another one eh!?Beykafeek!!!



His incessant need to document everything despite his fiancees protests


What did he do to even deserve this great honor?!


Having a keychain full of… “success”

major key


Believing he’s actually an overachiever



The time he truly thought he was the best…so he named his whole label after the unconfirmed fact


we the best




His abnormal paranoia of  “they”



Originally published on Scoop Empire May 30, 2016


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