16 Magical Photos That’ll Make You Quit Life and Escape to Petra

Miles from Amman in Ma’an, tucked deep in the Jordanian desert hides the rose gold city of Petra. Formerly known as the Capital Raqmu to the Arab Nabataeans, Petra is the perfect place to get outdoors, discover ancient history, and see one of the 7th Wonders of the World.

Here are 16 pictures that’ll  convince you to put Petra on the top of your bucket list this season.

Pillars of life 




Walk in the valley of shadow of rose gold 


Enter if you dare



Stairway to paradise


A theater fit for Queen B 



Canoodling on cliffs 



Whatever lies beyond the horizon

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A glimmer of green in the most unlikely of places



Taking it all in 

Seventh Wonder of the World #borderhopping

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The little moments that matter the most 



Getting out of the office hallways  


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Sneak peaks worth the journey


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Flickers of light 



Ladders of expeditions 


Sunsets of a lifetime



Living on the edge 



Originally published on Scoop Empire May 31, 2016


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