16 Things Arabs Say While Watching American Sports

Growing up in America, there area lot of sports to watch and growing up Arab, there’s a lot of yelling in Arabic… at your TV. Here are 16 things Arabs say while watching American sports:


1. Ya zalama pass the zift ball

jim harbaugh



2. INTERCEPTION! Interception fe 3ynak!

steph curry


3. Wallah the ref is me7ashesh

pissed coach


4. My Teta could pitch better than this ahbal

sad dodger gif


5. Wein el defense wein?!?

miami heat


6. Hasad bro wallah someone put the 3ien on us this season

look of death


7. Foul?! Emak fouled when she had you!!

fuck the ref


8. El hamdellah they fired David Blatt

lebron dancing



9. He practically traveled all the way to el belad

are you serious


10. Aiwwwaaaaaa out of the park

giants dancing


11. Wallah this shit is rigged



12. Yalla habibi yalla….TOUCHDOWN!

touchdown dance


13. Penalty fe tezak

nooo gif


14. Y3lan eli khalaf el ref

angry harbaugh


15. Allah I know it’s been a while but if my team makes it to play offs I’ll donate some of my winnings…



16. What do you mean we’re out of hummus?

tom brady


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Originally published on Scoop Empire February 2, 2016


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