7 Reasons Why Millennial Arabs Should Elope

Despite the heart attack I gave my mother with the idea that millennial Arabs don’t want to get married, I hope to one day tie the knot with someone special. The thing is, we wouldn’t be millennials if we wed in the traditional sense. My proposal? Elope! It’s probably one of the craziest things an Arab could do when it comes to taking the next step in life, it’ll shock everyone, but it’s pure genius!

Here’s why Arab millennials should skip the moseeba and run off into the sunset.


Think of the money you’ll save

for rich
Weddings are NOT cheap. You’re feeding at least 100 guests and that’s if you’re having a small wedding, which Arabs DON’T do. Flowers, lighting, venue, bridesmaids, fancy car, blah blah. All that money could be usefully put towards something of actual value that’s going to last more than one day, like worldwide honeymoon, or a freaking house. You can live in a house, you can’t live in the memory of your wedding.



From bridesmaids feelings getting hurt to the old college friend bitching they didn’t get invited, Arab weddings have no shortage of Grade A drama. It’s just the two of you and some dude with the authority to join you legally in matrimony.


You can elope with your friends and family

You can elope and still include the closest people in your life, you just can’t tell them. While the traditional term of eloping is to run away secretly in order to get married without parental consent, you can still alter your elopement to how you want to wed. You can surprise your best friends and immediate family with a surprise ceremony or dinner.


It’s actually about you and your love

When you’re worrying about “your day” being perfect making sure guests are impressed and happy then it’s really not YOUR day. When you’re not going bridezilla on the wedding planner you actually have time to take it all in and probably cry, cry tears of joy not tears of drama.


The more intimate the better

The reason you decided to marry the person you’re marrying is because you love them, you truly absolutely love them more than anything in this world. What do a bunch of random people have to do with that love? You fell in love with that person alone, you didn’t need the help of a bunch of wedding guests to fall for them or decide to marry them. So why would you include them in your special moment with the most special person in your life?


Weddings aren’t meant to be extravagant


Where did the notion of massive weddings come from? To one up our friends and family, to show people that your love and marriage are worth more than others. Whatever the reason may be, weddings have only become more and more unnecessarily extravagant and expensive. It’s come to the point where it’s no longer a wedding, it’s a floral, lighting, entertainment competition.


It’s kinda crazy but never chaotic

wedding head
You’re not running around handing party favors to 400 guests or stopping to take selfies with guests who don’t even know, you’re just in the moment of your day. You’re taking the next step in your life with the love of your life.

Originally published on Scoop Empire June 6, 2016


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