A Grim First Half of 2016 for Syrian Refugees in Jordan

(World Bank Photo Collection/flickr)

(World Bank Photo Collection/flickr)


A fifth year of one of the most devastating wars of our time also marks five years of the worst refugee crisis on record according to human rights groups. Many Syrians have turned to the neighboring country of Jordan as a safe haven. As of date, the UNHCR has reported that there are 628,000 Syrians registered as refugees in the Hashemite Kingdom. While many are familiar with Zaatari refugee camp which sits close to the Syrian border and houses an estimated 83,500 refugees, many Syrians are making their way to Mreijeb Al Ehoud and Azraq refugee camp.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 4.24.28 PM



With its development in 2013, Mreijeb Al Ehoud has hosted over 6,200 refugees. Along with many non-profits dedicated to assisting displaced refugees, the Jordanian and Emirati government have been working to provide those residing in Mreijeb Al Ehoud camp have access to health and educational programs, as well as social and logistic services.

Azraq which has historically been a city that has been hosting refugees since the Palestinian diaspora, has become home to over 18,000 Syrians. The camp has health and community facilities dedicated to helping Syrians resettle in Jordan, along with two schools for the large youth population.

The Jordanian Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Imad Fakhoury met with the European Union parliament to express the need for critical financial support from the EU in order to maintain fulfill the Jordan Response Plan for the Syria Crisis 2016-2018.

Originally published on Scoop Empire May 19, 2016


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