ABC’s of Amman

Amman, it’s kinda baladi, kinda hipster, kinda in-explainable, but nonetheless it’s one of the quirkiest cities in the world. Here are the ABC’s of Amman for those who love it, live in it, and want to discover it.

A – Amigos 

Amigo's (52)

Our favorite hole in the wall

B – Bon al Ameed


Cause Starbucks is super basic

C – Citadel



D – Darat al Funoun


Because art and stuff!

E – El Morrab3


Our favorite jam to jam to

F – Fe-Male


You tell ’em Tima!


G – Garaf


beause sometimes it is, but hey, its part of why we love it.


H – Habibah’s 


Habibah’s, wast el balad in the street. YAS! Preferably after Hashem.


I – Istiklal Mall 

istiklal mall

The sarsariest of all the malls in Amman.


J -Jafra



K – Kan Zaman


Kan ya makan…


L – Luna Park 

luna park

RIP our youth.


M – Mensaf


It would be insulting if it wasn’t mensaf, and I’d be personally insulted if your mom made some and you didn’t invite me.


N – Nas Amman 


“زمان كان عندي صنعة, كنت معلم بلاط بس مع مرور الأيام والزمن صرت أمّر بشوية متاعب وحسيت إنه خلص لازمني شغل ثاني أسترزق منه. اشتريت هاي العرباي وصرت أبيع عليها فول وترمس والحمد لله عم بسترزق منها. الإشي يلي خلاني أعمل هيك همه الأولاد الله يخليلي ياهم, والله صار بدي عربايتين مو بس وحدة!” Back in the days I had a profession, I used to work in tiling but with time passing I had some difficulties and felt that I must find another job to provide a living. I bought this carriage and started selling ‘Fool and Tormous’ and it’s paying okay. The thing that made me take this step was my children, God protect them. And now I’m thinking I need another carriage not just one Taken by: Malek Mahafza #humansofamman #ناس_عمان #Irbid

A photo posted by Humans of Amman (@humansofamman) on Oct 4, 2016 at 12:44am PDT

Because everyones got a story


O – Oasis 500


Woo innovation.


P – Paris 


Dawwar Paris that is


Q – al Quds Falafel 




R – Rainbow St. 

rainbow st

The most colorful place in all Amman 😉


S – Souq Jara


Where we like to make it rain


T – Thawb


Cause our roots are embroidered in our threads


U – Umm Uthaina

um uthaina

Can we just jewelry shop like there’s no tomorrow… And then go to Murphy’s?


V- Vimto


Our favorite non-alcoholic drink


W – Wadi Rimmum

wadi rimmum

The classiest place in all of Amman.


X – X


This thing hanging in everyone’s rearview mirror. For why?


Y – al Yasmeen 


Aka everyones favorite drinking/smoking/make out spot.


Z – Zuwwadeh


Ok technically, it’s in Fuheis, but it still counts.

Originally published on Scoop Empire January 10, 2016



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