Here’s Why Jordan Is Having the Best Week EVER!


The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was getting down with the debkah all this week due to a number of celebrations. March 25th marked Jordan’s 70th birthday which was a witnessed a number of festivities across the Kingdom. An official ceremony took place at Raghadan Palace where King Abdullah and Queen Rania hosted honored guests including the officials from the armed forces and the royal family.

Jordanians across the nation celebrated with fireworks, singing, and debkah to commemorate Jordan’s victory throughout history. The country rejoined in it’s past accomplishments in the region, it’s progressive development internally, and aspirations for a flourishing future.

Jordan had another cause for celebration earlier this week when the Crown Prince of Jordan, Hussein graduated college. The future king graduated from Georgetown University, one of the most esteemed institutions in the world where he attended with his younger sister, Princess Iman . His parents were in the American capital of Washington D.C. to watch their son walk across stage and accept his degree in International History.



Along with a royal graduation and 70 years of fortune, Jordan also broke a world record on Wednesday, when the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts baked the largest cake in the world!

Originally published on Scoop Empire May 26, 2016


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