Jordanian Women Imprisoned for Their Own Protection from Abusive Homes


The investments and progressions being made in the Middle East are giving us hope for a better and brighter future for the region. Despite the many advancements being made in a variety of sectors but seems to be lacking in one in particular that desperately needs attention. When a woman’s life is in danger in Jordan, she unfortunately won’t always find a safe space to turn to for support and security.

Groundbreaking filmmaker Widad Shafakoj has brought to light the horrific stories of women who cannot find protection from those attempting to kill them with her documentary, “If You Meant To Kill Me.”  The candid film follows three women who were threatened by honor killings and found an unlikely safe haven in prison. The film was recently screened at the Royal Film Commission, captures the dark side of solitude where women are administratively detained in prisons with real criminals. With little or no access to shelters or safe homes, prison has become the only form of safety from those trying to kill them.

Originally published on Scoop Empire May 29, 2016


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