Jordan’s King Abdullah Puts Europeans to Shame Over Syrian Refugees


During a royal visit to Belgium, HM King Abdullah II of Jordan gave a speech at Université Catholique de Louvain addressing the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis.

Despite taking on more than his country can handle and diving deeper into debt, the king argued that it’s the humane thing to do. King Abdullah put to shame all European nations crying wolf over illegitimate fears of taking in refugees that would cause terror and ruin the country.

With approximately 1.3 million Syrian refugees residing in Jordan, they currently make up 20% of the country’s population. With the international community providing some financial assistance to Jordan, the aid still falls short of what is needed; this has lead Jordan to dip into its own national budget to cover expenses. Jordan’s debt is constantly growing due to a growing refugee population and Jordan’s inability to turn away those escaping from violence.

Originally published on Scoop Empire May 22, 2016

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