Syrian Man Had No Idea He Was Living in Lebanese Synagogue for 10 Years

(Photo Credit: Rebecca Collard/

(Photo Credit: Rebecca Collard/

Some Arabs have lived their entire lives in the Middle East and never visited let alone seen the inside of Synagogue. Despite the fact that the Middle East is home to the Jewish faith and every inch of land stretching the Mediterranean Sea to the Euphrates River tells a part of the Jewish narrative it is forgotten by Christian and Muslim inhabits still residing in the region. Jihad Al-Mohammed however stumbled into ancient Jewish history in the Southern Lebanese village of Saida.

(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Nagi Georges Zeidan)

(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Nagi Georges Zeidan)


Mohammed moved into what appeared to be an abandoned building after the Lebanese Civil War in 1990. Located in the old Haret al Yahud, the walls and windows of the centuries old Jewish synagogue is covered with the holy Star of David. Mohammed thought nothing of the matter and assumed the building was just like any other old building that would be located in Lebanon due to the familiar architecture. When tourists came to visit asking him to view the inside of his home 10 years later, that’s when he realized he was living in an abandon Jewish synagogue.

(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jihad al-Mohammed)

(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jihad al-Mohammed)

The synagogue served as a place of worship for the dwindling Jewish population that was living in Lebanon. Mohammed has opened his door and home to those wishing to bask in religious history and see the old synagogue.

Originally published on Scoop Empire June 2, 2016


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