When Did Prince Hussein of Jordan Get So Hot?

Stop everything you’re doing and take a minute to be a total creeper with us. Growing up, I had spent every summer in Jordan and across the country I’d always see a dorky little kid posted next to pictures of King Abdullah II, turns out it’s Prince Hussein…and he’s grown into quite the *ahem* charming young man and we are totally fangirling over him.


Remember when he was Harry Potter’s doppelganger



Well now he looks like prince charming



He likes nature…we like nature too


He’s a Cancer so he’s definitely the sensitive type


He’s educated, and an educated man is a sexy man



He’s part Jordanian, British, and Palestinian


He has a wild side 😉

#أردننا #OurJordan

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He’s trying to end terrorism

We love a man that can cook


Like literally terrorism should be scared


He’s down with the kids



He’s talented


And athletic…


He likes the outdoors…we totally love the outdoors



Originally published on Scoop Empire June 3, 2016


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