13 Enchanting Places to Propose in Jordan

Jordan is one of the most beautiful countries in the Middle East; with a diverse range of landscapes from desert to sea, forest to city. It’s photogenic scenery has become the stage for music videos, films, and even literature, and there’s one other platform Jordan is perfect for – proposals! Jordan has many breathtaking locations to take your other half’s breath away with that momentous question.

Here are 13 places that are the perfect scene to ask someone to spend the rest of their life with you.


Literally anywhere in Jabal Amman



Cliffs of the Dead Sea 




In the castle walls of Al Karak



Underneath the blanket of stars in Wadi Rum



On the beaches of Aqaba



Along Amman’s skyline at the Citadel



The lush hills of Al Salt 



During a sunset in Wadi Musa



Among the fall leaves in Fuhais



Beneath the olive trees of Ajlun



Between the pillars of Jerash 




After a camel ride to Petra




…at ‘The One’ furniture store? 



Originally published on Scoop Empire June 8, 2016


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